new centurions

Pastor Jerry Lubrano has had a long standing vision to minister to men in a discipleship environment that will give Christian men the tools necessary to excel as husbands, fathers, and workers in the Church.  After several years of trying different resources provided by other ministries, Pastor Jerry developed the Centurions Discipleship Cohort in 2007.  

This intense discipleship ministry takes men through a series of studies on serious subjects that are important to men now in their marriages, families, on their jobs and in the church. Besides the regular course work covered in the meetings, men are encouraged to read 2 books selected by Pastor Jerry.   Men are expected to commit to the entire series of meetings after which they are commissioned as Centurions in a Sunday morning service and are presented with a replica of a Roman Centurion’s Sword and an attractive display stand.  There is a nominal cost to cover the expense of the books, materials, swords, and stands. The length of the course depends on the time of year it is offered but it is usually 1 meeting per month for 4 to 8 months.


The course includes sessions on:


Discovering Your Purpose In Life


Controlling Your Thoughtlife


Overcoming Habits


Meditating On God’s Word


Becoming A Spiritual Leader


Protecting The Spirit Of Your Wife


Protecting The Spirit Of Your Children


Overcoming Discouragement


Walking In Financial Freedom


Taming The Tongue

Pastor Jerry Lubrano