our vision

"You can be a church of regional influence and regional impact if you want it and will work for it."
In the fall of 2003, after a season of fasting and prayer God spoke to Pastor Jerry and gave him this vision for the future of Destiny Church. His will is for Destiny Church to have an influence and impact on lives, not just in the Tampa area but beyond that. Missions is certainly an avenue to that vision. But it is more even than that. Destiny Church's vision is to go beyond it's walls to cities, communities and towns in our region and beyond to see lives transformed by new life in Christ.


 "Destiny Church is a place for everyone to experience God and express His love."

 Who we are is "a place" where everyone is welcome, accepted and loved. We want people to have a genuine experience in a relationship with God and to learn to express that through personal witnessing and missions.