felice procaccio, life group pastor
Email: feljoypro@gmail.com
Full Name:  Felice Procaccio
Nick name:
Joy (Married 12/17/1994) we have an adopted daughter named Mei-Li, she was "made in China" :) Mei-Li was a special  needs child with a cleft pallet and lip. She is 6 years old (DOB 09/15/2010)

Ministry Role: Staff member leading Life Group ministry and assist with Children's ministry.       
What’s your regular order at Starbucks:
Venti skinny vanilla latte, with of course, an extra shot of espresso
Favorite Quote:
"Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country" We could use more of this in our America today!
I’ve been in ministry since:
Hidden Talent:
  Jack of all trades and master of none :)
Favorite movie:
Hunt for Red October
Favorite scripture:
Jeremiah 29.11
Life changing moment:
Adoption of Mei-Li
Lights on in an empty room and not fully shutting of the cable tv.
Dream Vacation:
  Alaskan cruse to see glaciers and whales
Favorite singer/band:
Gotta love Sinatra
Favorite Book:
Don't have one...hate to read
When and where did you get saved:
  Rota, Spain 1991
One thing that most people don’t know about me:
I worked full-time as a SCUBA Instructor and I lived in Germany for 12 years.
Favorite TV show:
King of Queens and Seinfeld
In my spare time I…
   Love to bikeride and Crossfit
Favorite Restaurant:
Easy one....Texas de Brazil, that is why I bikeride and Crossfit :)
Previous job or line of work:
I do two things: Facility Security Officer (FSO) and Professor of Aeronautics
What sport are you not good at:
Favorite sport/team:
NY Mets / NY Giants
Things that fascinate me:
Aviation / Intelligence / Physics
Music that moves me:
Fast, powerful worship
People who inspire me are:
Successful business people
Heights, yes I know, I am an aviation guy but in airplanes you are IN the plane.

What makes you laugh: My daughter calling me "dude"
What is weird about you?
My jaw muscles are exceptionally strong. I could be one of those "pull the train with your teeth" guys. 
The most exotic place you’ve ever been to:
The most adventurous thing you’ve ever done:
150ft SCUBA dive / fly a plane /